The Krusaders

On the Road Back Home

The airship as promised turned out to be a magical dragon chariot. Before boarding the adventurers had to deal with more Shardmind’s, attempting to kidnap Galvin. Just when it looked like the four would defeat the Shardmind’s, the Keepers showed up and threatened to dispense the party if they did not surrender Galvin. The Keepers were very angry and declared that the next time they meet up with the party that they would clearly be enemies. As the Keepers moved in for the kill the chariot arrived and the party took off leaving an irate group of monks on their trail.

Inside the chariot was an extra-dimensional space that allowed the group to take a much needed rest. During the rest however the chariot was shaken with massive turbulence. The four awoke to discover that the adult dragon piloting their chariot had been killed by a group of catastrophic blizzard dragons. Numerous smaller dragon whelps were spied swarming into feast on the falling silver dragon as two adult blizzard dragons started playing cat and mouse with the magically suspended chariot. As the party tried to formulate a plan the dome of the chariot started to crack! As Kamina, Amber and Love tried to work out what to do, a strange occurrence happened to Galvin. His eyes went completely white and he opened the dome which by now had cracked even more and was covered with a thick layer of permafrost. The party was taken back by Galvin’s rash decision but were even more floored to see Gavlin, with his arms stretched out, levitate above the chariot!

As Galvin took flight, the rest of the party looked on in amazement! Galvin raise his outstretched arms and magically the rest of the party started to lift off the ground as well! All four then took the fight to the blizzard dragons on their own turf – the sky! An intense battle ensued resulting in the party being pulled up and down all over the sky as the dragons froze them in place causing them to plummet for a time only to recover and sail back on high to assault the brazen dragons! In the end the dragons were defeated and the party returned to the damaged chariot which, layered with frost began a slow descent. The descent was sped up with a few lever pulls inside the chariot and finally the party found themselves on the ground. Now, somewhere between Waterdeep and Loudwater the four must figure out where they are, decide where to go and manage to stay alive long enough to gain some answers as to what is happening with Galvin and why he is sought after by individuals willing to die to capture him.



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