The Krusaders

The story thus far...

The four heroes found themselves brought together within the sleepy town of Loudwater. It was here that the four heroes first set foot down the path of adventure. One day while exploring the local fauna, the human fighter Kamina (shadowed by the local shifter shaman Amber Lynn Treefang) happened across some curious creatures. These insubstantial tentacled horrors were definitely not native to the prime material plane and with the help of Amber and two other heroes the four were able to defeat these curious foes. The two heroes that aided Amber and Kamina were Galvin, a dragonborn sorcerer and Love, a dwarven invoker of Bahamut. Love had released Galvin from his odd home as the sole inhabitant of a highly secure abandoned dwarven stronghold in a remote area of mountains east of Loudwater. Galvin was an apparent prisoner here, alone and simple minded – having no exposure to the socialness of the realms. The four adventurers quickly found themselves friends and took their knowledge back to the walls of Loudwater. Amber was nervous as she felt an odd presence in her woods. These critters were not welcome and the four were bound to get to the bottom of the mystery behind them.

Within the walls of the city, the four put their heads together in the local tavern when a sudden explosion rocked the cities walls! Goblins had invaded the city! They were looking for a totem stolen from them by a local wizard who lived in the town. The heroes made short work of the goblins and regained the totem from a local shop keeper – the wizard haven sold it to him. After the heroic display the four were rewarded by the lady of the town and the wizard in question. He told them of the goblins burrow – deep in an underground spiral that was once known as The Burrow of the Ogre King. The heroes went there and ransacked the place. Amber decided to give the pleading goblin shaman his totem back, knowing it would not help him complete his ritual to bring the Ogre King back to life. The goblin was indebted to Amber and became smitten with her as a result. During this time the heroes encountered even more fell taints and deduced that they were coming from the High Forest up north, across the river. The four decided to check the forest out after a good nights rest. Around this time the town started to become populated with more and more heroes – all looking into the mystery of the High Forest. Some acclaimed sages were also in town, documenting the heroes exploits.

The High Forest turned out to be home to a sinister dark spire that these fell taints seemed to be huddling around. They went in and out of the mysterious black obelisk. The heroes fought more taints and learned that the ground around the spire was becoming tainted as well and moving out from the spire in all directions. The heroes made a name for themselves by doing various quests and deeds around the area including befriending a local outcast – Zark the Dwarf and uncovering a child slave ring which they foiled by traveling 25 miles west to an abandoned town full of thieves. On their way back they encountered a crazed silver dragon who was very curious regarding Galvin – referring to him as “the one.”

Back in Loudwater, after speaking with the sages, the four were fast becoming the talk of the town. The heroes declared they would enter the spire and find out exactly what was casuing the phenomenon. Many heroes had tried before them, but none had returned. The local wizard, concerned with the vileness of the place agreed to accompany the heroes but disappeared after getting separated from the party while scouting ahead.

The heroes entered the spire which turned out to be a tower of some sort. the four eventually cleared the tower of a kenku threat orchestrated by a wereraven and two important dragonborn. The wizard from Loudwater was held prisoner here and the four saved him as well. He told them that the dragonborn were running the show and that they were after something…..or somebody. When the tower was routed everyone was leaving but Galvin heard a mysteriously familiar call from the floor above him and was drawn there. It was here that Galvin blacked out after touching a massive pulsating primordial energy sphere. The catalyst of Galvin touching the enrgy sphere caused the tower to come aprat! Slowly cracking and coming down all around them as the heroes frantically made their way out of the spire.

As the tower fell a massive shockwave went out and all the heroes blacked out. The energy sphere became a huge tentacled horror and Galvin himself transformed into a primordial draconic form, all granite and molten lava. Surprisingly, another dragon this one silver, arrived on the scene as well – looking for something….or somebody. The two dragons fought the tentacled horror to defeat and it was a good thing too becasue that beast would have leveled the surrounding communities. As soon as the crazed silver dragon appeared he was gone but not before witnessing Galvin’s transformation from dragon entity to dragonborn. Galvin remembered nothing of the event after touching the energy sphere. Love was the first one to rouse and through the healing powers of the platinum dragon lord he revived his friends and helped them all back to town.

Back in town the sages were ecstatic to hear about the quest and wanted the heroes to takle them there. The heroes obliged and the sages wrote an article about them to be published in the Daily Waterdahvian, a newspaper circulating out of Waterdeep, The City of Splendors. Upon hearing of the potential fame and with the draw of even more heroic deeds Kamina convinced Galvin to head to Waterdeep as well, following the sages who had already left. Love knows he is to watch over Galvin so he was in for sure. Amber Lynn felt an odd compulsion to nurture these three heroes and couldn’t let them leave without her protection. Before leaving however Love encountered some followers of Tiamat – an ancient sect called “The Keepers.” These monk like individuals wanted Galvin to come with them and told Love that although their deities were opposed to one another, that at this time Galvin accompanying them was the best thing for him. Love would have none of this and fought his way away from “The Keepers.” Could it have been “The Keepers” who locked Galvin away long ago?

It was a long a trying journey full of skill and challenges but the heores managed to boat down river for five days and traverse the near 800 miles to The City of Splendors. Here, three of the four participated in a race which was won by Amber Lynn after Love revived the fallen shaman. During the race Love noticed that “The Keepers” had followed them to Waterdeep and were shadowing Galvin throughout the race. Also in Waterdeep, the heroes saved a bakers daughter from a band of traveling vampires putting on a play called Twili….errrr, Dusk. The following day the heroes were accosted by a group of shardminds, crystalline beings adept in psionic combat. These shardminds were apparently after Galvin as well and as their numbers dwindled they started multiplying, appearing from alleys and streets all around! Suddenly “The Keepers” were upon the group again and ushered them into a back alleyway into a building with a secret passage. Kamina did not make it though, falling behind and fighting valiantly to stay alive. “The Keepers” swept the three heores away in a secret tunnel. But as they were getting ready to “save” the party, Love noticed it was only Galvin that they were truly after. Losing control of himself Love sent out a platinum shock wave of holy energy that knocked everyone unconscious except for the heroes who made their escape through the tunnel into the sewers below Waterdeep. Eventually the four met up again at the Temple of Bahamut in Sea Ward where they were given sanctuary and promised a quick escort out of the city to wherever they needed to go. Currently the four await travel on airship….

On the Road Back Home

The airship as promised turned out to be a magical dragon chariot. Before boarding the adventurers had to deal with more Shardmind’s, attempting to kidnap Galvin. Just when it looked like the four would defeat the Shardmind’s, the Keepers showed up and threatened to dispense the party if they did not surrender Galvin. The Keepers were very angry and declared that the next time they meet up with the party that they would clearly be enemies. As the Keepers moved in for the kill the chariot arrived and the party took off leaving an irate group of monks on their trail.

Inside the chariot was an extra-dimensional space that allowed the group to take a much needed rest. During the rest however the chariot was shaken with massive turbulence. The four awoke to discover that the adult dragon piloting their chariot had been killed by a group of catastrophic blizzard dragons. Numerous smaller dragon whelps were spied swarming into feast on the falling silver dragon as two adult blizzard dragons started playing cat and mouse with the magically suspended chariot. As the party tried to formulate a plan the dome of the chariot started to crack! As Kamina, Amber and Love tried to work out what to do, a strange occurrence happened to Galvin. His eyes went completely white and he opened the dome which by now had cracked even more and was covered with a thick layer of permafrost. The party was taken back by Galvin’s rash decision but were even more floored to see Gavlin, with his arms stretched out, levitate above the chariot!

As Galvin took flight, the rest of the party looked on in amazement! Galvin raise his outstretched arms and magically the rest of the party started to lift off the ground as well! All four then took the fight to the blizzard dragons on their own turf – the sky! An intense battle ensued resulting in the party being pulled up and down all over the sky as the dragons froze them in place causing them to plummet for a time only to recover and sail back on high to assault the brazen dragons! In the end the dragons were defeated and the party returned to the damaged chariot which, layered with frost began a slow descent. The descent was sped up with a few lever pulls inside the chariot and finally the party found themselves on the ground. Now, somewhere between Waterdeep and Loudwater the four must figure out where they are, decide where to go and manage to stay alive long enough to gain some answers as to what is happening with Galvin and why he is sought after by individuals willing to die to capture him.

Home Sweet Home

The adventurers made their way through the marshy High Moor battling a group of Dire Tigers at a fragile makeshift bridge crossing that proved to be quite the encounter. After this battle the characters finally oriented themselves to their surroundings. Amber and Kamina recognized an old adventuring landmark called the Halls of the Hammer. Named for a magical warhammer that used to guard the place, the site had been all but abandoned of recent years.

Coming upon the site the adventurers were startled to see a ragged and bleeding young girl escape from the mouth of the cave. She claimed she just escaped from some vile denizen of the deep and that her companions were still down in the mine! Help she exclaimed to the apprehensive group yet they still agreed to follow her. Traversing the mine proved to be no easy task and when the group finally snaked their way up and down a system of mine shafts utilizing pulleys, rope and Love’s dungeoneering skills they were sickened at the sight that awaited them!

A vast cavern opened up and hanging from the ceiling were many bodies suspended from viscous chains! The “girl” laughed as she revealed herself to be a tiefling like Vizier Devil! A grand maw opened up across the cavern and loud thumping and the grating of heavy chanins could be heard as a Gorchain Devil entered the cavern looking to add the adventurers to his collection! The battle raged on and the group managed to kill the Vizier Devil but when it looked like they were just ready to bloody the Gorechain Devil, he turned to a red and green vapor which was sucked into the opening he came from. An intense ominous feeling radiated from the cavern opening and the battered group decided to escape with their lives instead of pursuing the Gorechain Devil into his labyrinth beyond.

Getting close to home now….on the road back to Loudwater, the group encountered a wrecked wagon, a woman, her daughter and a suspicious husband. In the end it turned out the “husband” had killed the poor woman’s groom and was posing as her significant other to fool the group. The party figured out the bandits ruse as he launched an attack on them with a band of rogue’s. The four managed these ruffians easily, colected the body of the deceased father, and ushered the broken family to the walls of Loudwater where they went to the temple to seek final rites and a proper burial.

Back in Loudwater the group went their own way. Galvin and Love payed the wizard on the outskirts of town a visit while Kamina ate up his local celebrity status telling stories of the groups grand trip to Waterdeep. The shaman Amber ventured back to her hutt near town and promised to meet back up with the party as soon as possible. What awaits the group here in Loudwater? Do they still have interest in investigating the dark underbelly of Loudwater – those who had a hand in the child slave ring the party disrupted weeks ago? Does Galvin want to head back to his “home” in the nearby mountains to try and gain answers to many of his questions about his past? Is Love really convinced that The Keeper presence has been eradicated from Loudwater?

Time will tell.

Amber's Grove

After spending the day back in Loudwater the adventures went their own way. Kamina spent his time playing local celebrity while Amber ventured back to her hutt in the forest south of Loudwater. Love and Glvin took a trip to the wizards tower on the outskirts of town and told him their tale. He was curious about these crystalline beings that have been hounding the party lately – Shardminds. He promised to look into this and get back to the party at his earliest convenience.

The three adventurers began to get concerned with Amber’s whereabouts as she did not show up for breakfast or lunch at the local tavern. After lunch the group made their way to Amber’s grove and saw it was blanketed in a strange moss. Amber was nowhere to be seen as the party approached her home. As the three crept closer they were taken upon by malicious plantlife….Greenvise Vines and Bloodthorn Creepers. All of these were nothing compared to the heaping mass of memory eating Oblivion Moss that had apparently set up shop in Amber’s hutt. The poor shaman was unconscious within and as the group made their way to assist here a simulacrum of the shifter rose from the moss and attacked the group! The battle was on as the group engaged simulacrums of them self as well as the mass of Oblivion Moss and surrounding vines. Although drained of her memories and highly lethargic, Amber joined the battle too to help her friends overcome the vicious pant life.

After dispatching the vegetation the group searched the area and found Sancosugg….Amber’s goblin acquaintance who vowed to look after her grove. He was dead, covered in the same moss that Amber was. In Amber’s basement the party also found a curious discovery – a Shardmind, also covered in the same moss. Consulting a few tomes amber made short work of finding out that this Oblivion Moss could be prepared and eaten. The result would be the privilege of seeing the last memories that the moss had devoured before attempting to take Amber’s memories from her.

After eating the moss the party had visions…one saw a group of Shardminds approaching the hutt and the goblin telling them to back off. The numbers game being too great the goblin retreated into the hutt. The Shardmind’s performed a strange group ritual on one of their own. A druid like shardmind led the ceremony and called into being the strange moss. The moss pretty much covered the entire area in an astonishing speed and then forced its way into Amber’s hutt. Sancosugg apparently died after being mummified by the moss – the vegetation feasting on his memories. It seemed the moss was overly aggressive however and the Shardmind lost one of their own before leaving the area.

These mysterious beings motives are unclear but some information is apparent. These Shardminds are after Galvin and will stop at nothing to gain control of the simple sorcerer. Where the monk like Keepers held their hand at trying to gain control over Galvin these Shardmind’s just all out assault the party with reckless abandon. The nearby wizard of Waterdeep told the party after this occurence that The Shardmind race itself was unheard of in The Realms until Abeir returned in the ocean to the west of Waterdeep’s shores – the same is true of the Dragonborn. Abeir is thousands of miles removed from Loudwater…. yet what are the Shardmind’s goals and who are directing them in their kidnapping plots? What is Galvin’s importance that he is needed alive yet his friends are expendable? It seems apparent that the Shardmind have nothing to do with the mysterious Keepers yet all three groups (Krusaders, Shardmind and Keepers) seem to keep interacting with one another to what end? Many, many questions remain with very few answers ready apparent. Perhaps the wizard knows more….perhaps Love needs to consult with Bahamut’s guidance….and perhaps Galvin knows more than he lets on, but needs a certain spark to rekindle his repressed memories.

We got to go byack!!

Around town the adventurers learned that some Shardmind that apparently sabotaged Amber’s Grove were spied around Loudwater and were also spotted leaving town heading east. The four followed the trail of the Shardmind leading to the nearby barbarian tribe town of Llork. This town was indeed currently inhabited by the group of Shardmind. It looked as if the Shardmind were causing some form of incident as there were bodies of slain villagers laying about near the icy banks of a tributary of the Greyflow River. One of the Shardmind, a great brute with a greatsword challenged Kamina to a duel that Kamina managed to win – sending a message to the humans and Shardmind alike. The Shardmind were a fraction of a group already heading up the mountain presumably towards Galvin’s tomb. The adventurers made pursuit.

On the way up the mountain the adventurers encountered a group of Goliath’s that they defeated. Rounding a bend in the mountain pass further ahead the group saw a meeting between some Goliaths and the Shardmind that the PC’s were trailing. The Goliaths were joined by hill giant allies and prclaimed this as their territory. This meeting was held near the entrance to Galvin’s tomb. Negotiations went sour and the two groups attacked each other. The Shardmind proved to be the victors and the adventurers swooped in like birds of prey to pick of the battered group.

With the Shardmind defeated the group approached the sealed doors to Galvin’s Tomb. They solved a riddle to open them. Inside the group made their way through the dwarven labyrinth to Galvin’s old resting are. Here a group waited for them…the Keepers! The monks of Tiamat were joined by a few Dragonborn gladiators of Tiamat – presumably the be used as muscle. Orion, a Keeper of Tiamat declared that Galvin was to be kept here – for his own safety and for the good of the Realm. The other followers of Tiamat disagreed and a battle ensued. With the PC’s help the gladiator’s of Tiamat were defeated by the Keeper’s of Tiamat. During this battle two of the three keepers were slain – leaving only a battered Orion alive. After this quick battle a group of “Sealers” emerged from a nearby room – whereas the job of the Keepers is to essentially make sure that Galvin is kept in his tomb…the Sealers are the only group with the knowledge of opening and closing the tomb itself, from inside anyway.

The Sealers made their way to the entrance of the tomb before the PC’s gave chase. The adventurers did not make it in time however and as they reached the entrance all light exited the tomb as the doors were sealed – impossible to be opened from the inside. The Sealers outside the tomb left but as the doors were sealed all of the traps in Galvin’s tomb armed themselves and the four adventurers had to make their way back to Galvin’s “home” area navigating these traps.

The four encountered ghostly apparitions and oozes galore while sliding two small arcane altar pulsating with energy from one side of a dungeon to another. The task needed to be completed with haste as the altar’s lost their arcane energy over time. Heading back to Galvin’s tomb the four also navigated many other traps including a Kissing Maiden trap room that bounced the four around as well as various pit traps, arrow slots and riddles. Once the PC’s arrived back at “Galvinhome” they found Orion resting and debilitated. He maintained his position as a Keeper but thanked the PC’s for their help. Here the PC’s solved a chess like puzzle involving eight queens revealing a back room to Galvin’s tomb that he never knew existed. Here the PC’s faced another tough battle but managed to emerge the victors once again. In the back of the room a false wall caved away leading to an unknown route that seemed to wind it’s way deeper into the mountain. Right now, this seems to be the only apparent exit or lead that the PC’s are able to locate. Many days have been spent in Galvin home resting and searching for clues. The mural offered many clues to the four as it showcased a battle between the Gods and the Primodials. What role do the PC’s play in this ancient war and why is Galvin an apparent piece to this mysterious puzzle?

Through the Mountain

After spending some time within Galvin’s tomb, the four adventurers decided to explore the mountain via the hidden passage they discovered. The group gathered up lantern’s, oil and torch’s. The four foraged for whatever food they could carry with them and placed it in Galvin’s newly found bag of holding. The group traveled for almost twenty four hours before discovering a water source. Near the source was a freshly killed drake. The drake was being fed off by a large black pudding. Smaller oozes were also around and as the party engaged the oozes a cloaker descended upon the party from high above. The four adventurers dispatched these threats and camped here for the evening.

Galvin was assaulted by rough dream where ghostly apparitions of dragonborn appeared to him chanting “sinf of the father – sons of the past!” The next day the four traveled for eight hours before stumbling upon a ruined temple of some sort that was long forgotten. From the pillars outside this structure emerged four ghostly dragonborn that engaged the party. Other apparitions were seen by Galvin of various colors…black, white, red, blue and green. The four that attacked the party were blue and green, two of each. When only one was left the apparition entered Galvin’s body and the dragonborn stumbled down the temple steps, collapsing a their base.

Galvin had a vision depicting a mammoth dragon like figure, but different in a way, slaying massive amounts of dragons. Batting them out of the sky and crushing them on the ground. A dragonly figure is shown, lesser in appearance certainly than the mammoth dragon like figure but still impressive. Standing next the dragon is a dragonborn, dressed simply. The mammoth figure is shown again, he appears to scream in rage as he is sucked down into a mountain. As this happens the lesser dragon figure turns his back on the dragonborn and the dragonborn appears saddened. The dragonborn begins to bleed as he is ushered away into a tomb, locked away and forgotten. The blood that seeped from the dragonborn gave off an aura of importance, and Galvin was well aware of this.

After Galvin recovered the four explored the temple like structure and found an old dead portal. They also found a library a floor below them and here they camped and researched this structure. Gaining clues in regards to Galvin’s past.

Underground Secrets

Within the ancient underground structure believed to be an ancient Dwarven stronghold converted into a Dragonborn outpost Kamina found information on a portal fail-safe method. Apparently there is a way to reactivate the portal for a brief time, in case something bad happened to the portal (Spellplague). Kamina dropped his doodling charcoal and upon picking it up from the ground of the library on watch he discovered a small access panel on the table leg closest to him. A note in the bottom of a table leg contained the fail-safe information and a broken piece of an emblem – the emblem of water. Apparently there are four emblems that when assembled allow the portal to open for a brief time. It is still not apparent where the portal goes though…

With clues garnered from the note the four made their way to sub-level one of the Dwarven stronghold. Here they encountered a ruined hallway leading off to cave in’s and a couple abandoned bedrooms. Whatever geological event collapsed many portions of this structure entwined natural caverns with the architecture of the dwarven stronghold. Following the mix and match path the group came across a curious sight. A massive wall of protection magic which Kamina strolled through casually. Ariving on the otherside in one piece the rest of the party followed. They made their way further into the mountain, over a raging water ravine that descended into blackness. Once across the chasm the group came across ruined Dwarven training facility. A broken bridge path dotted it’s way across a sunken in room filled with black ooze! Towards the rear of the room stood a pedestal that looked like it once held a gem of some considerable size. An item known as the Eye of Pelor was said to be stolen along with one of the four emblems. The apparent thief was a Dragonborn named Beltharus. Using clues from old diary entries the four traveled back towards Galvinhome…hot on the last known trail of the emblem thief.

The mad Dragonborn’s remains were finally located approximately nine hours away from the Dwarven structure that held the dead portal. The group traveled back and past the area where the party faced a Black Pudding and Cloaker combination. With lantern oil dwindling the party pressed on. The cavern steadily became slimmer and lower in height. The party eventually came to a cavern which became disturbingly narrow, forcing the party to potentially squeeze through narrow openings. They obliged the situation, scraping their bodies with minor abrasions through the sharp rocky openings. Amber scouted ahead as a bat using sonar to get a feel for the area. Something was inhibiting her movement however so she turned back. The rest of the party followed her advice and proceeded cautiously.

A stepped cavern revealed itself in the cavern beyond. The cavern appeared to be filled with webs and a nest of hungry spiders, with one rather perturbed mama spider. A webbed Dragonborn was cocooned at the top of the steps with other decaying creatures near it. After a heated battle the party recovered the Eye of Pelor and the fire emblem from the dead Dragonborn. The party camped at the water area where they fought the Cloaker and Black Pudding, simply exhausted from the long travel time. Hopefully during the night (or day as time has becomes skewed underground) nothing attempts to kill them…

The Gathering of Emblems

The four made their way back to the Dwarven stronghold. Here they sought out the sunken in ooze room. Kamina placed the gem on the dias and a beam of light emerged from the ceiling. The dias slid over revealing a rope ladder and unworked cavern/tunnel leading down. Kamina made his way down into the cramped crawl space and found a chest containing the emblem of earth. Galvin made a mighty leap to get out of the room and the four made their way to the throne room.

Here the four fought two mirror golems after activating four pillars. The pillars simultaneously opened up a way forward while barring escape via portcullis. A maddening gas entered the room causing the four to hold their breath. The four defeated the mirror golems and made their way down the throne, which pushed away into an alcove behind it revealing a worked path down.

Below the throne room a small labyrinth of trap filled hallways gave way to a plush bedroom obviously designed for a King. This bedroom had one entryway and one exit. Through the exit the four found a mirror showcasing lewd acts that transfixed mainly Galvin and Kamina. Two stone dwarven golems activated and the party also dispatched them before shattering the mirror. Behind the mirror was a lowered portcullis that the four raised. Beyond they made their way to a treasure room, loading their pack with gems and the final emblem – the emblem of wind.

The four, worse for ware, collapsed in the Dwarven king’s chamber’s for a well earned rest. With the four emblems in hand the four are prepared to reactivate a portal to an unknown destination.

Activating the Portal

Leaving the Dwarven King’s long abandoned chambers the four navigated a couple traps, which Kamina both sprung, before emerging back into the throne room. Kamina stuckhis head back up to see if the madness gas had dispersed. It was low lying and he breathed in a good breath of it before declaring the are safe! Here the portcullis was still down and as the four entered the room countless shards of broken mirror on the ground started to reform into the two Mirror Golems that the party had defeated once before. The four battled them once again, dispersing them only to have them attempt to reform once again. The four decided to reactivate the four pillar switches allowing the madness gas to enter the room, blasting Kamina in the face. But the portcullis finally raised allowing the party to escape back into the central portal room.

The adventurers activated the portal and entered it, not knowing where they may end up. As their eyes adjusted to the dimly lit scene they realized they were still underground! The four were on a raised platform, twenty-five feet up with five foot semi-circular stairs leading down it on one side. Piles and piles of coins, gems, potions, and the like were scattered around – a hoard of treasure! Massive pillars flanked them and the portal as well as a slumbering green dragon!!! The dragon began to rouse as the four scattered. The adventurers tried their best to gain an early advantage but the dragon flew into holes in the ceiling playing cat and mouse with the party.

When it became evident that the party was indeed a real threat the dragon turned his game up a notch. During the battle a Kobold Shaman aided the dragon and the Shaman in turn was aided by his Kobold allies. The battle was long and strenuous, dividing the party and taking them away from their initial sound game plan. The dragon, fairly injured by this point was pleaded to by Amber-Lynn Treefang. She claimed that Galvin was important to his kind. The dragon seemed to already be privy to this knowledge and sneered back at her, perhaps not believing her. After all, a portal dead for decades tells little tales. The vicious dragon continued to ravage the party, disappearing through holes in the ceiling whenever the party got too threatening.

As the dragon and the party came closer and closer to death the dragon seemed to turn his attention toward this Dragonborn that Amber mentioned as being “important”. The dragon managed to render the Dragonborn unconscious for later inspection and as Galvin fought for his life so did the other party members. In the end Galvin slipped away…his life force fading from him. With his ward dead, LoVe became distraught, feeling he had failed Galvin. The dragon, also on death’s door was faced with a precarious situation. Fight to the death, and allow these inferior beings access to his treasure and den…or a parleyed ruse. The dragon managed to convince the party to let him flee with Galvin. Although the dragon claimed to know of Galvin’s “importance” this still did not stop him from killing him eluding to the fact that dragon may not have known Galvin’s significance. Using this knowledge the dragon convinced the party to let him flee with Galvin to “save him.”

The hollow promise was bought by the entire party. The dragon allowed only one other to come with him. LoVe insisted that Kamina go and Kamina agreed. However at the last minute Kamina shoved LoVe into the dragon’s grasp and the green menace took off into the world above. The sky was an intense silvery hued vaulting arch through which many colors swam back and forth…especially in ares of inclement weather. This Steelsky was welcoming but also hauntingly unfamiliar to the four. Kamina and Amber made their way up and out to the mountain top where the shaman transformed into a bird to follow the dragon. The great winged mennace took off towards a town at the base of the mountain. Kamina was forced to watch alone as the dragon swerved away from the town disappearing back into the mountain!

With Amber on the trail, Kamina alone and Galvin deceased LoVe was assaulted with a distinct feeling from within that this dragon was not to be trusted. Something was amiss as the Dragon swooped into a cave, dropping Galvin on the ground haphazardly. As Galvin’s body hit the ground a notable tremor shook the entire mountain! Amber flew up to the cave’s mouth just in time to see the dragon cast LoVe to the side, inhale suddenly and unleas his poisonous breath weapon on the unfortunate dwarf.

Dealing with the Dragon

Kraven, a Dragonborn Scout made the save by interjecting himself between LoVe and the dragon’s breath. A large gold dragon also, from the cave, emerged and shot a knowing look at the green dragon. The green wyrm fled the scene, but not before Kraven called him back and told him about Kamina back on the mountain.

Kamina decided to try to climb down the sheer mountain face. Navigating the precarious path proved perilous. By the time Kamina got going he spied the dragon coming back up to his cave system. The dragon spied Kamina on the mountain face and though easy picking! This proved to be the last bad decision the dragon made as Kamina lept back off the mountain face in a full gainer! In the flipping motion the fighter unsheathed his massive glaive and prepared to Kain the Dragoon the green menace!! The dragon bit at Kamina but the leader of the Krusaders landed his death blow true. His polearm ripped through the dragons neck muscle and as the wyrm tried fruitlessly to snap up Kamina in his jaws the fighter whirled around and finished the dragon off with another vicious blow to the neck! As he did this his magical glaive splintered as it burst into pieces!

’Tis I slayed the dragon!

The gold dragon showed up in time to witness the fine display of killing and ushered a cautious Kamina onto his massive back as the two flew off to rendezvous with the party.

Within the mountain Amber, LoVe and Kraven made their way with Galvin’s body towards the jungle below. After some time the four emerged not quite on ground level but low enough that jungle was waiting for them once they stepped out into daylight. Here Kraven told the adventurer’s to have their weapons ready. The group was assaulted by a group of savage baboon like creatures with toothy maws and blood red hands, feet and claws. The group managed to take these beasts down but Kraven mentioned that these were not even the nasty ones – The Alpha’s. The group finally made it to a small clearing where a beautiful and quiet water fall bubbled over the edge of a rocky outcropping. Behind the waterfall…ducking low the group made their way into abandoned jungle ruins. Within the architecture resembled some form of nature temple. Here a spot was prepared for Galvin to start the eight hour ritual to bring Galvin back from the dead.

In the meantime Kraven has asked the returning Kamina to help him with the Su Alpha problem around the area. We can’t have those nasty buggers interrupting the ritual now can we…? Kraven has not voiced his affiliation although he has not really been pressed. A party member notices a familiar medallion hanging from Kraven’s neck but he tucked it away before they could get a good glance at it.


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