The Krusaders

The story thus far...

The four heroes found themselves brought together within the sleepy town of Loudwater. It was here that the four heroes first set foot down the path of adventure. One day while exploring the local fauna, the human fighter Kamina (shadowed by the local shifter shaman Amber Lynn Treefang) happened across some curious creatures. These insubstantial tentacled horrors were definitely not native to the prime material plane and with the help of Amber and two other heroes the four were able to defeat these curious foes. The two heroes that aided Amber and Kamina were Galvin, a dragonborn sorcerer and Love, a dwarven invoker of Bahamut. Love had released Galvin from his odd home as the sole inhabitant of a highly secure abandoned dwarven stronghold in a remote area of mountains east of Loudwater. Galvin was an apparent prisoner here, alone and simple minded – having no exposure to the socialness of the realms. The four adventurers quickly found themselves friends and took their knowledge back to the walls of Loudwater. Amber was nervous as she felt an odd presence in her woods. These critters were not welcome and the four were bound to get to the bottom of the mystery behind them.

Within the walls of the city, the four put their heads together in the local tavern when a sudden explosion rocked the cities walls! Goblins had invaded the city! They were looking for a totem stolen from them by a local wizard who lived in the town. The heroes made short work of the goblins and regained the totem from a local shop keeper – the wizard haven sold it to him. After the heroic display the four were rewarded by the lady of the town and the wizard in question. He told them of the goblins burrow – deep in an underground spiral that was once known as The Burrow of the Ogre King. The heroes went there and ransacked the place. Amber decided to give the pleading goblin shaman his totem back, knowing it would not help him complete his ritual to bring the Ogre King back to life. The goblin was indebted to Amber and became smitten with her as a result. During this time the heroes encountered even more fell taints and deduced that they were coming from the High Forest up north, across the river. The four decided to check the forest out after a good nights rest. Around this time the town started to become populated with more and more heroes – all looking into the mystery of the High Forest. Some acclaimed sages were also in town, documenting the heroes exploits.

The High Forest turned out to be home to a sinister dark spire that these fell taints seemed to be huddling around. They went in and out of the mysterious black obelisk. The heroes fought more taints and learned that the ground around the spire was becoming tainted as well and moving out from the spire in all directions. The heroes made a name for themselves by doing various quests and deeds around the area including befriending a local outcast – Zark the Dwarf and uncovering a child slave ring which they foiled by traveling 25 miles west to an abandoned town full of thieves. On their way back they encountered a crazed silver dragon who was very curious regarding Galvin – referring to him as “the one.”

Back in Loudwater, after speaking with the sages, the four were fast becoming the talk of the town. The heroes declared they would enter the spire and find out exactly what was casuing the phenomenon. Many heroes had tried before them, but none had returned. The local wizard, concerned with the vileness of the place agreed to accompany the heroes but disappeared after getting separated from the party while scouting ahead.

The heroes entered the spire which turned out to be a tower of some sort. the four eventually cleared the tower of a kenku threat orchestrated by a wereraven and two important dragonborn. The wizard from Loudwater was held prisoner here and the four saved him as well. He told them that the dragonborn were running the show and that they were after something…..or somebody. When the tower was routed everyone was leaving but Galvin heard a mysteriously familiar call from the floor above him and was drawn there. It was here that Galvin blacked out after touching a massive pulsating primordial energy sphere. The catalyst of Galvin touching the enrgy sphere caused the tower to come aprat! Slowly cracking and coming down all around them as the heroes frantically made their way out of the spire.

As the tower fell a massive shockwave went out and all the heroes blacked out. The energy sphere became a huge tentacled horror and Galvin himself transformed into a primordial draconic form, all granite and molten lava. Surprisingly, another dragon this one silver, arrived on the scene as well – looking for something….or somebody. The two dragons fought the tentacled horror to defeat and it was a good thing too becasue that beast would have leveled the surrounding communities. As soon as the crazed silver dragon appeared he was gone but not before witnessing Galvin’s transformation from dragon entity to dragonborn. Galvin remembered nothing of the event after touching the energy sphere. Love was the first one to rouse and through the healing powers of the platinum dragon lord he revived his friends and helped them all back to town.

Back in town the sages were ecstatic to hear about the quest and wanted the heroes to takle them there. The heroes obliged and the sages wrote an article about them to be published in the Daily Waterdahvian, a newspaper circulating out of Waterdeep, The City of Splendors. Upon hearing of the potential fame and with the draw of even more heroic deeds Kamina convinced Galvin to head to Waterdeep as well, following the sages who had already left. Love knows he is to watch over Galvin so he was in for sure. Amber Lynn felt an odd compulsion to nurture these three heroes and couldn’t let them leave without her protection. Before leaving however Love encountered some followers of Tiamat – an ancient sect called “The Keepers.” These monk like individuals wanted Galvin to come with them and told Love that although their deities were opposed to one another, that at this time Galvin accompanying them was the best thing for him. Love would have none of this and fought his way away from “The Keepers.” Could it have been “The Keepers” who locked Galvin away long ago?

It was a long a trying journey full of skill and challenges but the heores managed to boat down river for five days and traverse the near 800 miles to The City of Splendors. Here, three of the four participated in a race which was won by Amber Lynn after Love revived the fallen shaman. During the race Love noticed that “The Keepers” had followed them to Waterdeep and were shadowing Galvin throughout the race. Also in Waterdeep, the heroes saved a bakers daughter from a band of traveling vampires putting on a play called Twili….errrr, Dusk. The following day the heroes were accosted by a group of shardminds, crystalline beings adept in psionic combat. These shardminds were apparently after Galvin as well and as their numbers dwindled they started multiplying, appearing from alleys and streets all around! Suddenly “The Keepers” were upon the group again and ushered them into a back alleyway into a building with a secret passage. Kamina did not make it though, falling behind and fighting valiantly to stay alive. “The Keepers” swept the three heores away in a secret tunnel. But as they were getting ready to “save” the party, Love noticed it was only Galvin that they were truly after. Losing control of himself Love sent out a platinum shock wave of holy energy that knocked everyone unconscious except for the heroes who made their escape through the tunnel into the sewers below Waterdeep. Eventually the four met up again at the Temple of Bahamut in Sea Ward where they were given sanctuary and promised a quick escort out of the city to wherever they needed to go. Currently the four await travel on airship….


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