The Krusaders

Underground Secrets

Within the ancient underground structure believed to be an ancient Dwarven stronghold converted into a Dragonborn outpost Kamina found information on a portal fail-safe method. Apparently there is a way to reactivate the portal for a brief time, in case something bad happened to the portal (Spellplague). Kamina dropped his doodling charcoal and upon picking it up from the ground of the library on watch he discovered a small access panel on the table leg closest to him. A note in the bottom of a table leg contained the fail-safe information and a broken piece of an emblem – the emblem of water. Apparently there are four emblems that when assembled allow the portal to open for a brief time. It is still not apparent where the portal goes though…

With clues garnered from the note the four made their way to sub-level one of the Dwarven stronghold. Here they encountered a ruined hallway leading off to cave in’s and a couple abandoned bedrooms. Whatever geological event collapsed many portions of this structure entwined natural caverns with the architecture of the dwarven stronghold. Following the mix and match path the group came across a curious sight. A massive wall of protection magic which Kamina strolled through casually. Ariving on the otherside in one piece the rest of the party followed. They made their way further into the mountain, over a raging water ravine that descended into blackness. Once across the chasm the group came across ruined Dwarven training facility. A broken bridge path dotted it’s way across a sunken in room filled with black ooze! Towards the rear of the room stood a pedestal that looked like it once held a gem of some considerable size. An item known as the Eye of Pelor was said to be stolen along with one of the four emblems. The apparent thief was a Dragonborn named Beltharus. Using clues from old diary entries the four traveled back towards Galvinhome…hot on the last known trail of the emblem thief.

The mad Dragonborn’s remains were finally located approximately nine hours away from the Dwarven structure that held the dead portal. The group traveled back and past the area where the party faced a Black Pudding and Cloaker combination. With lantern oil dwindling the party pressed on. The cavern steadily became slimmer and lower in height. The party eventually came to a cavern which became disturbingly narrow, forcing the party to potentially squeeze through narrow openings. They obliged the situation, scraping their bodies with minor abrasions through the sharp rocky openings. Amber scouted ahead as a bat using sonar to get a feel for the area. Something was inhibiting her movement however so she turned back. The rest of the party followed her advice and proceeded cautiously.

A stepped cavern revealed itself in the cavern beyond. The cavern appeared to be filled with webs and a nest of hungry spiders, with one rather perturbed mama spider. A webbed Dragonborn was cocooned at the top of the steps with other decaying creatures near it. After a heated battle the party recovered the Eye of Pelor and the fire emblem from the dead Dragonborn. The party camped at the water area where they fought the Cloaker and Black Pudding, simply exhausted from the long travel time. Hopefully during the night (or day as time has becomes skewed underground) nothing attempts to kill them…



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