The Krusaders

Through the Mountain

After spending some time within Galvin’s tomb, the four adventurers decided to explore the mountain via the hidden passage they discovered. The group gathered up lantern’s, oil and torch’s. The four foraged for whatever food they could carry with them and placed it in Galvin’s newly found bag of holding. The group traveled for almost twenty four hours before discovering a water source. Near the source was a freshly killed drake. The drake was being fed off by a large black pudding. Smaller oozes were also around and as the party engaged the oozes a cloaker descended upon the party from high above. The four adventurers dispatched these threats and camped here for the evening.

Galvin was assaulted by rough dream where ghostly apparitions of dragonborn appeared to him chanting “sinf of the father – sons of the past!” The next day the four traveled for eight hours before stumbling upon a ruined temple of some sort that was long forgotten. From the pillars outside this structure emerged four ghostly dragonborn that engaged the party. Other apparitions were seen by Galvin of various colors…black, white, red, blue and green. The four that attacked the party were blue and green, two of each. When only one was left the apparition entered Galvin’s body and the dragonborn stumbled down the temple steps, collapsing a their base.

Galvin had a vision depicting a mammoth dragon like figure, but different in a way, slaying massive amounts of dragons. Batting them out of the sky and crushing them on the ground. A dragonly figure is shown, lesser in appearance certainly than the mammoth dragon like figure but still impressive. Standing next the dragon is a dragonborn, dressed simply. The mammoth figure is shown again, he appears to scream in rage as he is sucked down into a mountain. As this happens the lesser dragon figure turns his back on the dragonborn and the dragonborn appears saddened. The dragonborn begins to bleed as he is ushered away into a tomb, locked away and forgotten. The blood that seeped from the dragonborn gave off an aura of importance, and Galvin was well aware of this.

After Galvin recovered the four explored the temple like structure and found an old dead portal. They also found a library a floor below them and here they camped and researched this structure. Gaining clues in regards to Galvin’s past.



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