The Krusaders

The Gathering of Emblems

The four made their way back to the Dwarven stronghold. Here they sought out the sunken in ooze room. Kamina placed the gem on the dias and a beam of light emerged from the ceiling. The dias slid over revealing a rope ladder and unworked cavern/tunnel leading down. Kamina made his way down into the cramped crawl space and found a chest containing the emblem of earth. Galvin made a mighty leap to get out of the room and the four made their way to the throne room.

Here the four fought two mirror golems after activating four pillars. The pillars simultaneously opened up a way forward while barring escape via portcullis. A maddening gas entered the room causing the four to hold their breath. The four defeated the mirror golems and made their way down the throne, which pushed away into an alcove behind it revealing a worked path down.

Below the throne room a small labyrinth of trap filled hallways gave way to a plush bedroom obviously designed for a King. This bedroom had one entryway and one exit. Through the exit the four found a mirror showcasing lewd acts that transfixed mainly Galvin and Kamina. Two stone dwarven golems activated and the party also dispatched them before shattering the mirror. Behind the mirror was a lowered portcullis that the four raised. Beyond they made their way to a treasure room, loading their pack with gems and the final emblem – the emblem of wind.

The four, worse for ware, collapsed in the Dwarven king’s chamber’s for a well earned rest. With the four emblems in hand the four are prepared to reactivate a portal to an unknown destination.



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