The Krusaders

Returned Abeir

The group decided to return to the slain dragon’s den and pilfer more treasure with the aid of the gold dragons that had come to assist them. At the mountain peak the party loaded up with gold, platinum and gems…not to mention a few select items. While they were here the gold dragons were set upon by a red, blue and black dragon who were apparently checking up on the den for unknown reasons. With the assistance of the PC’s the gold dragons chased off the other three chromatic dragons.

With treasure weighing down their packs the group made their way back to camp and onward towards the wind-blasted city of Marrauk. A gold dragon convoy headed by Astaroth led them to the outskirts of the city but not before an evening filled with a bird of paradise turkey dinner as the sounds of The Fang crunched all around them. With full bellies Astaroth told them a tale. He spoke of the ancient primordial vs. god war known as the Dawn War. Galvin is believed to be connected to an ancient and powerful primordial through a ancient pact.

A bureaucratic order of Monks devoted to both Bahamut and Tiamat separated into two sects. Different portions of the sect vying allegiance to different deities have recently initiated strife between each other. They both were at one time seeking out Galvin. The Sealers: who know the ritual to seal away the dragonborn offering that also ties into keeping the primordial subdued. And the Keepers: responsible for keeping the dragonborn offering within the confines of his “home.” Kraven the dragonborn ranger who provided them rescue and solace is a member of the Keeper order as is Orion the monk who was constantly pursuing Galvin in Loudwater and Waterdeep and turned on a group of Sealers to aid the party before the ventured deep into the heart of Galvin’s mountain home.

The rest and food were welcome as was the sight of a city the next morning. On the way the group had to cross salt flats where pits were disguised over with thin salt layers. Beneath the sand a massive tentacled beast or beasts slithered about and attempted to drag the group to their doom to no avail. The group finally made it to the cities walls and past the walled gate guards. They hit up the first tavern they could – Guidileone’s Food and Foam. Inside the group ordered many plates of food and even managed to be upgraded in seating to the mezzanine level of seats. Here a local group challenged their right to the groups table but walked away in honor after Kamina and Galvin brazenly defused the situation verbally.

They thought trouble was far behind them but another group…;this one a dirty pirate band from the dock area of town had come up to the classier tazern where they were clearly out of place. They seemed to welcome this as the lived up to the moniker “pirate” by being rude, crude and giving attitude. One pirate group harassed Amber who tried her best to avoid a confrontation but when the group finally had enough many pirate were rendered laid out, subdued or worse…

The captain, Blackscale bartered his way into a hasty retreat promising the group free passage on his sailing vessel towards Faerun. Since this appears to be the groups current goal they agreed. they were upset the next day to find out that the pirates had set sail without them but did learn that there were salt shipments that regularly went to Waterdeep. There was also rumor of flying airships from not only the dock workers but Guidileone himself.

On their way back the the inn they observed many a noble and peasant leading livestock and chest weighed with gems, coins and jewels towards a rather large estate. They followed the procession and learned that the Dragon Queen…the green Duchess herself was in town and was accepting homage. This is considered a privilege here and not getting eaten is considered good. Representatives of the towns ruler were seen buying the livestock up that was not needed so the people who brought it could offer something. It was overheard that the green Duchess was in a fowl mood and had already eaten three nobles. Apparently one of her sons was recently slain up north of The Fang….

Upon hearing this news the gang scrambled away from the scene nonchalantly as they saw dragons inside milling about that may or may not have been the ones poking around the dragon den when the group went back for treasure.



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