The Krusaders

Raising the Dead

As Galvin prepared for the ritual through the night the rest of the party took a much needed rest. In the morning Kamina was roused earlier than expected by Kraven. The dragon slayer told Kamina to wake Amber and meet him at the entrance to the cavern as soon as possible. Kamina obliged the ranger as he collected his equipment and companion and headed for daylight. The trickle of water met him and the shaman as they exited the cave, their eyes adjusting to the morning light.

The area outside the cavern was swarming with Su life! The party recognized the same fierce-some creatures they faced the previous day on the jungle path. Su Ambusher’s, the quick ones that can drag a man away in a heartbeat were joined by their larger Su Sentinel brethren. The Sentinel’s started to beat their chest in holler in an intimidating manner. Kamina charged right out into the middle of the clearing eager to try out his new axe! Kamina mocked the Su beasts rage with his own call to the wild! Then the entire group of Su’s raged as their Alpha leader appeared on a rock above the three of them on the rocky outcropping. The Alpha let out a beastly howl!

Battle ensued and proved to be way more of a challenge than the three had initially anticipated. Amber was practically drug off to her demise before rallying and heading back towards the clearing. One Su Ambusher charged into the cave only to bet met with a hand of radiance from LoVe! Kraven was no match for Kamina’s prowess in battle outside, as the two allies savaged the Su threat, until the very end when the dragon slayer came alive with vicious strikes. The two managed to dispatch the Alpha after quite the battle. With the beasts leader destroyed the group should not have to worry about any additional Su attacks…at least for a good while. Battered and bloody the three heroes retired into the cave to watch over LoVe as he performed the ritual.

Everything was going spectacular with the ritual as LoVe basked in the glow of Bahamut’s healing powers. Without warning the very fabric of LoVe’s reality ripped apart! A great fiery hand made of granite beneath which pulsated infernous magma reached out and snatched LoVe from his dedicated ritual! Bahamut interjected his ancient holy symbol, the polestar to protect LoVe and Galvin from this sudden assault. LoVe found himself in a stellar haze of torture and torment…some form of limbo where the damned go to be judged! LoVe had to navigate floating semi-opaque, milky stones…one by one or suffer a fate worth than death! The dwarf used his insight to determine his route. However, he unknowingly lept upon an uncertain stone and found himself sinking into it! He managed to get out of this sudden doom only to be cast back to where he started!

Now LoVe was foolishly hastened, he went through the challenge with reckless abandon! He made more mistakes, having to inevitably start over until he finally managed to make it to Galvin’s body…but not before experiencing the sensation of dying by drowning and having to literally fight off a shadow of death who tried to claim his soul! When the invoker finally reached Galvin the scene became bleakThe area was now dimly lit…with a slight fog filled ground. There were no discernible boundaries to height or width here on this plane. Galvin the dragonborn simply blinked his eyes open as LoVe layed his hands upon his ward. As this happened a great quake was felt and a fissure opened in the ground! Deep within the crevasse boiled lava and magma…there also appeared to be a great form swimming in the molten sea!

Immense heat filled the area as a great clawed hand with black spire like claws reached up to grab Galvin! Suddenly the apparition of the dragonborn that Galvin met in his sleepwalk like state deep within the Greypeak Mountains appeared before him and LoVe. This spirit looked oddly familiar to Galvin and he recognized it as the one who blessed the party with a collection of dragonborn items. This dragonborn spirit tried to protect Galvin by flinging a protective platinum barrier over the crevasse but not before an eruption of lava shot forth and breached the barrier before it solidified! This mass formed a vicious Volcanic dragon wyrmling. The form assaulted the party but they managed to defeat it. As they did so, the apparition told Galvin to truly ‘rise my son’ with the defeat of the primordial intrusion. by nearly sacrificing himself for his friend and not giving up LoVe had truly completed his ritual. LoVe ushered forth Galvin back into the realm of the living as Kamina and Amber waited for the dwarf to snap out of whatever writhing state he was in with baited breath. As Galvin arose and LoVe recovering from the cosmic assault The Krusaders were now truly reunited.

Later in the day, after the retelling of tales Kamina suggested that when the gold dragons arrived to graciously transport them of Marrauk, that they make a small detour back to the den of the vicious green dragon. The same dragon that Kamina managed to slay with a deaf defying leap off the mountain face. So as Kamina suggested the group made their way back up to the mountain with the hope of weighing down their packs with dragon treasure!



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