The Krusaders


Strangers in a Strange Land

Within the city walls of Marrauk the group planned to charter a ship back to Faerun. On their way back to the docks the encountered Lady Duanna, the apparent ruler of the city. She was fired up something fierce as she stalked towards The Green Duchesses palatial estate. Inside she marched towards the area where people from the city were paying homage to the prosperous Wyrm. Before her lay scattered gold, jewels, gems and livestock.

The group were held outside the gates of the estate and fled the scene to eavesdrop on the happenings. By the time they ascended a nearby warehouse they manged to only catch the tail end of the verbal berating and the ladies hasty retreat. The brash showing by the Lady perked Kammina’s interest who made his way back to where he first encountered the lady. The group followed the young upstart who was bound and determined to follow her carriage where it came to a halt in front of the local constabulary. LoVe stole some flowers for Kamina and thrusted them towards the young lad. The Lady entered the constabulary and Kamina followed. Inside Kamina made his way up to the Lady after a fast talking turned sour and he had to bolt past the two guards. This was not for the lack of effort and a brilliant display by a door guard who valiantly feigned a swoon…taking a dive for Kamina at his request. “Tell them i knocked you out!” he plead. The guard could tell Kamina was after the Lady and hit the floor. However, when noticed lying down while the guards inside were speaking with Kamina the guard explained Kamina knocked him out…after all that was the story right? This caused Kamina to run for it!

After having his flowers suffer in the scuffle Kamina caught up with Duanna exiting an office. She was fairly warm to Kamina but seemed overly uninterested on the lad…not to mention in a hurry. The flowers were in poor disarray but she reluctantly accepted them nonetheless with an amused smile. Kamina looked dejected as he hung his head and exited the building. The perusing guards seemed to feel his pain as he crashed and burned. They let him go after viewing the exchange of stems…errr flowers. The willing guard by the front door apologized for saying Kamina hit him but Kamina just patted him on the shoulder and said “you did good kid.” To add further insult to injury Kamina noticed the stems in a trash bin by the door.

Kamina was ready to just call it a day, life having chopped him rudely across the chest. Galvin told him that the Lady had kept the one surviving flower and was smelling it as she entered her carriage. This perked Kammina’s interest and he decided to join the group in securing a ride home. To the docks they went.

At the docks they learned that a boat would be heading towards Waterdeep roughly in a tenday. There are other less sea worthy boats that also sail towards Faerun, but they don’t always make it. There was also mention of airships but no certain date could be associated with these vessels of the sky. The group remembered Guidileone saying something about airships and well so they headed back towards the inn.

As they were leaving a young lady came barreling towards them. She was clutching an item and appeared to be fleeing city guards. She headed towards the group who were still on the docks but she stumbled and fell…the item, a simple medallion on a leather cord slipping from her hands and bouncing between the dock boards falling into the bay. The woman looked utterly dejected as the guards caught up with her and attempted to arrest her. While the group helped talk her out of trouble Amber-Lynn escaped into the bay and went after the medallion. The girl insisted the medallion belonged to her family but it happened to be in a museum in town. The guards insisted upon arrest of the fiery tart so she dove backwards into the bay as well! A riptide threatened to carry her away as she struggled to get to the medallion. Amber-Lynn snatched up the medallion and the girl. She helped her stay afloat to gain enough strength to swim off in a different direction while Amber-Lynn left the bay and met back up with the party at the inn.

The group headed back to the inn after the guards tried to pursue the girl. Apparently they failed as she showed up at the inn looking for “the cat.” She introduced herself as Collette and proceeded to work the inn over fairly well getting free drinks and coin from the adoring public. When Amber-Lynn showed back up Collette demanded the medallion. The party refused. Collette left very irate. Regarding the Airships…Guidileone mentioned that he had not seen any airships in town for quite some time and felt as if they were “due.”



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