The Krusaders

Kamina the Rat

In the morning Collette was in Kamina’s room. She explained her behavior as of late grateful that the four let her escape. She also told Kamina about dragonbane amber and eluded to the fact that she might know more than the basic info on the dragon hindering substance. She wanted Kamina to help her infiltrate her father’s tomb to reclaim something that the medallion granted her access to. Kamina thought it over briefly before deciding to tell Lady Duana about what was going on.

Kamina and the rest of the group gained access to the estate of Lady Duana and told her of Collette’s plan. As a precaution Duana placed extra guards around the estate particularly below ground near the tomb of her father. They also talked about the Green Duchess and Kamina expressed interest in helping Duana out with the menace and told her that he was responsible for killing the Duchesses son. Kamina also went around the ground scouting out the place, getting the layout while talking with the guards about Collette. Later that night Kamina and the group attended a dinner with the Lady as well as a couple other nobles and an empty chair. When the nobles retired for the eve the Lady explained the chair was for Collette who did not accept the invitation obviously. Lady Duana asked Kamina if he would see Collette through the thievery to see what she was up to but Kamina decline wanting to leave it to the guards.



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