The Krusaders

I'm on a Boat

With the guards in the know Lady Duana had no choice but to arrest her sister for breaking into the King’s Crypt. This being a very serious offense, word of it spread throughout the castle like wildfire compliments of Kamina. Collette encountered the aforementioned upstart as she was being led away and declared her spite for him loudly and with great fervor. Not only did she call him a rat, but she threatened his life openly doing herself no favors in the eyes of the guards who, not to their fault have no idea they are about to imprison the true Lady of Marrauk. One thing she did not let go of is being called a coward…a stigma she has obviously been running from her entire life. Never did she take her fiery eyes off Kamina as the guards hauled her out of the estate.

The following day Kamina had a sudden change of heart. He now decided he wanted to bust Collette out of jail and skip town on whatever vessel they could find. He scouted out the guard assembly hall / prison and learned of a possible sewer entrance but could not locate an entrance to the system anywhere near the guard house. He then decided to speak with the party and they convinced him to speak to Lady Duana.

The Lady agreed to put in a word with the judge of her trial, which was to be swift and decisive. The crime was never publicly announced but word of its happening traveled through the wind-swept streets and back alleys of the rounded stone worked town. The group was given booked passage on a ship by Lady Duana. The same ship that Collette was to be exiled on. This rather sea worthy vessel is called The Manticore and is bound for Loudwater stocked with the finest goods from the area including a large quantity of salt. The four were given rooms, a small one each.

The group made voyage for a little over a day when he calm respite of the waves eventually gave way to choppy seas and greenish skies. The ship rights its direction but it is a almost certainty that the ship is headed for stormy waters. The brightness of the sun in the sky is suddenly washed out as a blanket of dark clouds descends unnaturally on the area and heavy rain drops begin to fall. In accord the winds begin to pick up and billow forth causing The Manticore to rock violently upon the waves. The crew scramble from below to the main deck to do everything they can to keep the vessel afloat.



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