The Krusaders

Dealing with the Dragon

Kraven, a Dragonborn Scout made the save by interjecting himself between LoVe and the dragon’s breath. A large gold dragon also, from the cave, emerged and shot a knowing look at the green dragon. The green wyrm fled the scene, but not before Kraven called him back and told him about Kamina back on the mountain.

Kamina decided to try to climb down the sheer mountain face. Navigating the precarious path proved perilous. By the time Kamina got going he spied the dragon coming back up to his cave system. The dragon spied Kamina on the mountain face and though easy picking! This proved to be the last bad decision the dragon made as Kamina lept back off the mountain face in a full gainer! In the flipping motion the fighter unsheathed his massive glaive and prepared to Kain the Dragoon the green menace!! The dragon bit at Kamina but the leader of the Krusaders landed his death blow true. His polearm ripped through the dragons neck muscle and as the wyrm tried fruitlessly to snap up Kamina in his jaws the fighter whirled around and finished the dragon off with another vicious blow to the neck! As he did this his magical glaive splintered as it burst into pieces!

’Tis I slayed the dragon!

The gold dragon showed up in time to witness the fine display of killing and ushered a cautious Kamina onto his massive back as the two flew off to rendezvous with the party.

Within the mountain Amber, LoVe and Kraven made their way with Galvin’s body towards the jungle below. After some time the four emerged not quite on ground level but low enough that jungle was waiting for them once they stepped out into daylight. Here Kraven told the adventurer’s to have their weapons ready. The group was assaulted by a group of savage baboon like creatures with toothy maws and blood red hands, feet and claws. The group managed to take these beasts down but Kraven mentioned that these were not even the nasty ones – The Alpha’s. The group finally made it to a small clearing where a beautiful and quiet water fall bubbled over the edge of a rocky outcropping. Behind the waterfall…ducking low the group made their way into abandoned jungle ruins. Within the architecture resembled some form of nature temple. Here a spot was prepared for Galvin to start the eight hour ritual to bring Galvin back from the dead.

In the meantime Kraven has asked the returning Kamina to help him with the Su Alpha problem around the area. We can’t have those nasty buggers interrupting the ritual now can we…? Kraven has not voiced his affiliation although he has not really been pressed. A party member notices a familiar medallion hanging from Kraven’s neck but he tucked it away before they could get a good glance at it.



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