The Krusaders

Amber's Grove

After spending the day back in Loudwater the adventures went their own way. Kamina spent his time playing local celebrity while Amber ventured back to her hutt in the forest south of Loudwater. Love and Glvin took a trip to the wizards tower on the outskirts of town and told him their tale. He was curious about these crystalline beings that have been hounding the party lately – Shardminds. He promised to look into this and get back to the party at his earliest convenience.

The three adventurers began to get concerned with Amber’s whereabouts as she did not show up for breakfast or lunch at the local tavern. After lunch the group made their way to Amber’s grove and saw it was blanketed in a strange moss. Amber was nowhere to be seen as the party approached her home. As the three crept closer they were taken upon by malicious plantlife….Greenvise Vines and Bloodthorn Creepers. All of these were nothing compared to the heaping mass of memory eating Oblivion Moss that had apparently set up shop in Amber’s hutt. The poor shaman was unconscious within and as the group made their way to assist here a simulacrum of the shifter rose from the moss and attacked the group! The battle was on as the group engaged simulacrums of them self as well as the mass of Oblivion Moss and surrounding vines. Although drained of her memories and highly lethargic, Amber joined the battle too to help her friends overcome the vicious pant life.

After dispatching the vegetation the group searched the area and found Sancosugg….Amber’s goblin acquaintance who vowed to look after her grove. He was dead, covered in the same moss that Amber was. In Amber’s basement the party also found a curious discovery – a Shardmind, also covered in the same moss. Consulting a few tomes amber made short work of finding out that this Oblivion Moss could be prepared and eaten. The result would be the privilege of seeing the last memories that the moss had devoured before attempting to take Amber’s memories from her.

After eating the moss the party had visions…one saw a group of Shardminds approaching the hutt and the goblin telling them to back off. The numbers game being too great the goblin retreated into the hutt. The Shardmind’s performed a strange group ritual on one of their own. A druid like shardmind led the ceremony and called into being the strange moss. The moss pretty much covered the entire area in an astonishing speed and then forced its way into Amber’s hutt. Sancosugg apparently died after being mummified by the moss – the vegetation feasting on his memories. It seemed the moss was overly aggressive however and the Shardmind lost one of their own before leaving the area.

These mysterious beings motives are unclear but some information is apparent. These Shardminds are after Galvin and will stop at nothing to gain control of the simple sorcerer. Where the monk like Keepers held their hand at trying to gain control over Galvin these Shardmind’s just all out assault the party with reckless abandon. The nearby wizard of Waterdeep told the party after this occurence that The Shardmind race itself was unheard of in The Realms until Abeir returned in the ocean to the west of Waterdeep’s shores – the same is true of the Dragonborn. Abeir is thousands of miles removed from Loudwater…. yet what are the Shardmind’s goals and who are directing them in their kidnapping plots? What is Galvin’s importance that he is needed alive yet his friends are expendable? It seems apparent that the Shardmind have nothing to do with the mysterious Keepers yet all three groups (Krusaders, Shardmind and Keepers) seem to keep interacting with one another to what end? Many, many questions remain with very few answers ready apparent. Perhaps the wizard knows more….perhaps Love needs to consult with Bahamut’s guidance….and perhaps Galvin knows more than he lets on, but needs a certain spark to rekindle his repressed memories.



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