The Krusaders

Activating the Portal

Leaving the Dwarven King’s long abandoned chambers the four navigated a couple traps, which Kamina both sprung, before emerging back into the throne room. Kamina stuckhis head back up to see if the madness gas had dispersed. It was low lying and he breathed in a good breath of it before declaring the are safe! Here the portcullis was still down and as the four entered the room countless shards of broken mirror on the ground started to reform into the two Mirror Golems that the party had defeated once before. The four battled them once again, dispersing them only to have them attempt to reform once again. The four decided to reactivate the four pillar switches allowing the madness gas to enter the room, blasting Kamina in the face. But the portcullis finally raised allowing the party to escape back into the central portal room.

The adventurers activated the portal and entered it, not knowing where they may end up. As their eyes adjusted to the dimly lit scene they realized they were still underground! The four were on a raised platform, twenty-five feet up with five foot semi-circular stairs leading down it on one side. Piles and piles of coins, gems, potions, and the like were scattered around – a hoard of treasure! Massive pillars flanked them and the portal as well as a slumbering green dragon!!! The dragon began to rouse as the four scattered. The adventurers tried their best to gain an early advantage but the dragon flew into holes in the ceiling playing cat and mouse with the party.

When it became evident that the party was indeed a real threat the dragon turned his game up a notch. During the battle a Kobold Shaman aided the dragon and the Shaman in turn was aided by his Kobold allies. The battle was long and strenuous, dividing the party and taking them away from their initial sound game plan. The dragon, fairly injured by this point was pleaded to by Amber-Lynn Treefang. She claimed that Galvin was important to his kind. The dragon seemed to already be privy to this knowledge and sneered back at her, perhaps not believing her. After all, a portal dead for decades tells little tales. The vicious dragon continued to ravage the party, disappearing through holes in the ceiling whenever the party got too threatening.

As the dragon and the party came closer and closer to death the dragon seemed to turn his attention toward this Dragonborn that Amber mentioned as being “important”. The dragon managed to render the Dragonborn unconscious for later inspection and as Galvin fought for his life so did the other party members. In the end Galvin slipped away…his life force fading from him. With his ward dead, LoVe became distraught, feeling he had failed Galvin. The dragon, also on death’s door was faced with a precarious situation. Fight to the death, and allow these inferior beings access to his treasure and den…or a parleyed ruse. The dragon managed to convince the party to let him flee with Galvin. Although the dragon claimed to know of Galvin’s “importance” this still did not stop him from killing him eluding to the fact that dragon may not have known Galvin’s significance. Using this knowledge the dragon convinced the party to let him flee with Galvin to “save him.”

The hollow promise was bought by the entire party. The dragon allowed only one other to come with him. LoVe insisted that Kamina go and Kamina agreed. However at the last minute Kamina shoved LoVe into the dragon’s grasp and the green menace took off into the world above. The sky was an intense silvery hued vaulting arch through which many colors swam back and forth…especially in ares of inclement weather. This Steelsky was welcoming but also hauntingly unfamiliar to the four. Kamina and Amber made their way up and out to the mountain top where the shaman transformed into a bird to follow the dragon. The great winged mennace took off towards a town at the base of the mountain. Kamina was forced to watch alone as the dragon swerved away from the town disappearing back into the mountain!

With Amber on the trail, Kamina alone and Galvin deceased LoVe was assaulted with a distinct feeling from within that this dragon was not to be trusted. Something was amiss as the Dragon swooped into a cave, dropping Galvin on the ground haphazardly. As Galvin’s body hit the ground a notable tremor shook the entire mountain! Amber flew up to the cave’s mouth just in time to see the dragon cast LoVe to the side, inhale suddenly and unleas his poisonous breath weapon on the unfortunate dwarf.



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