The Krusaders

I'm on a Boat

With the guards in the know Lady Duana had no choice but to arrest her sister for breaking into the King’s Crypt. This being a very serious offense, word of it spread throughout the castle like wildfire compliments of Kamina. Collette encountered the aforementioned upstart as she was being led away and declared her spite for him loudly and with great fervor. Not only did she call him a rat, but she threatened his life openly doing herself no favors in the eyes of the guards who, not to their fault have no idea they are about to imprison the true Lady of Marrauk. One thing she did not let go of is being called a coward…a stigma she has obviously been running from her entire life. Never did she take her fiery eyes off Kamina as the guards hauled her out of the estate.

The following day Kamina had a sudden change of heart. He now decided he wanted to bust Collette out of jail and skip town on whatever vessel they could find. He scouted out the guard assembly hall / prison and learned of a possible sewer entrance but could not locate an entrance to the system anywhere near the guard house. He then decided to speak with the party and they convinced him to speak to Lady Duana.

The Lady agreed to put in a word with the judge of her trial, which was to be swift and decisive. The crime was never publicly announced but word of its happening traveled through the wind-swept streets and back alleys of the rounded stone worked town. The group was given booked passage on a ship by Lady Duana. The same ship that Collette was to be exiled on. This rather sea worthy vessel is called The Manticore and is bound for Loudwater stocked with the finest goods from the area including a large quantity of salt. The four were given rooms, a small one each.

The group made voyage for a little over a day when he calm respite of the waves eventually gave way to choppy seas and greenish skies. The ship rights its direction but it is a almost certainty that the ship is headed for stormy waters. The brightness of the sun in the sky is suddenly washed out as a blanket of dark clouds descends unnaturally on the area and heavy rain drops begin to fall. In accord the winds begin to pick up and billow forth causing The Manticore to rock violently upon the waves. The crew scramble from below to the main deck to do everything they can to keep the vessel afloat.

Kamina the Rat

In the morning Collette was in Kamina’s room. She explained her behavior as of late grateful that the four let her escape. She also told Kamina about dragonbane amber and eluded to the fact that she might know more than the basic info on the dragon hindering substance. She wanted Kamina to help her infiltrate her father’s tomb to reclaim something that the medallion granted her access to. Kamina thought it over briefly before deciding to tell Lady Duana about what was going on.

Kamina and the rest of the group gained access to the estate of Lady Duana and told her of Collette’s plan. As a precaution Duana placed extra guards around the estate particularly below ground near the tomb of her father. They also talked about the Green Duchess and Kamina expressed interest in helping Duana out with the menace and told her that he was responsible for killing the Duchesses son. Kamina also went around the ground scouting out the place, getting the layout while talking with the guards about Collette. Later that night Kamina and the group attended a dinner with the Lady as well as a couple other nobles and an empty chair. When the nobles retired for the eve the Lady explained the chair was for Collette who did not accept the invitation obviously. Lady Duana asked Kamina if he would see Collette through the thievery to see what she was up to but Kamina decline wanting to leave it to the guards.

Strangers in a Strange Land

Within the city walls of Marrauk the group planned to charter a ship back to Faerun. On their way back to the docks the encountered Lady Duanna, the apparent ruler of the city. She was fired up something fierce as she stalked towards The Green Duchesses palatial estate. Inside she marched towards the area where people from the city were paying homage to the prosperous Wyrm. Before her lay scattered gold, jewels, gems and livestock.

The group were held outside the gates of the estate and fled the scene to eavesdrop on the happenings. By the time they ascended a nearby warehouse they manged to only catch the tail end of the verbal berating and the ladies hasty retreat. The brash showing by the Lady perked Kammina’s interest who made his way back to where he first encountered the lady. The group followed the young upstart who was bound and determined to follow her carriage where it came to a halt in front of the local constabulary. LoVe stole some flowers for Kamina and thrusted them towards the young lad. The Lady entered the constabulary and Kamina followed. Inside Kamina made his way up to the Lady after a fast talking turned sour and he had to bolt past the two guards. This was not for the lack of effort and a brilliant display by a door guard who valiantly feigned a swoon…taking a dive for Kamina at his request. “Tell them i knocked you out!” he plead. The guard could tell Kamina was after the Lady and hit the floor. However, when noticed lying down while the guards inside were speaking with Kamina the guard explained Kamina knocked him out…after all that was the story right? This caused Kamina to run for it!

After having his flowers suffer in the scuffle Kamina caught up with Duanna exiting an office. She was fairly warm to Kamina but seemed overly uninterested on the lad…not to mention in a hurry. The flowers were in poor disarray but she reluctantly accepted them nonetheless with an amused smile. Kamina looked dejected as he hung his head and exited the building. The perusing guards seemed to feel his pain as he crashed and burned. They let him go after viewing the exchange of stems…errr flowers. The willing guard by the front door apologized for saying Kamina hit him but Kamina just patted him on the shoulder and said “you did good kid.” To add further insult to injury Kamina noticed the stems in a trash bin by the door.

Kamina was ready to just call it a day, life having chopped him rudely across the chest. Galvin told him that the Lady had kept the one surviving flower and was smelling it as she entered her carriage. This perked Kammina’s interest and he decided to join the group in securing a ride home. To the docks they went.

At the docks they learned that a boat would be heading towards Waterdeep roughly in a tenday. There are other less sea worthy boats that also sail towards Faerun, but they don’t always make it. There was also mention of airships but no certain date could be associated with these vessels of the sky. The group remembered Guidileone saying something about airships and well so they headed back towards the inn.

As they were leaving a young lady came barreling towards them. She was clutching an item and appeared to be fleeing city guards. She headed towards the group who were still on the docks but she stumbled and fell…the item, a simple medallion on a leather cord slipping from her hands and bouncing between the dock boards falling into the bay. The woman looked utterly dejected as the guards caught up with her and attempted to arrest her. While the group helped talk her out of trouble Amber-Lynn escaped into the bay and went after the medallion. The girl insisted the medallion belonged to her family but it happened to be in a museum in town. The guards insisted upon arrest of the fiery tart so she dove backwards into the bay as well! A riptide threatened to carry her away as she struggled to get to the medallion. Amber-Lynn snatched up the medallion and the girl. She helped her stay afloat to gain enough strength to swim off in a different direction while Amber-Lynn left the bay and met back up with the party at the inn.

The group headed back to the inn after the guards tried to pursue the girl. Apparently they failed as she showed up at the inn looking for “the cat.” She introduced herself as Collette and proceeded to work the inn over fairly well getting free drinks and coin from the adoring public. When Amber-Lynn showed back up Collette demanded the medallion. The party refused. Collette left very irate. Regarding the Airships…Guidileone mentioned that he had not seen any airships in town for quite some time and felt as if they were “due.”

Returned Abeir

The group decided to return to the slain dragon’s den and pilfer more treasure with the aid of the gold dragons that had come to assist them. At the mountain peak the party loaded up with gold, platinum and gems…not to mention a few select items. While they were here the gold dragons were set upon by a red, blue and black dragon who were apparently checking up on the den for unknown reasons. With the assistance of the PC’s the gold dragons chased off the other three chromatic dragons.

With treasure weighing down their packs the group made their way back to camp and onward towards the wind-blasted city of Marrauk. A gold dragon convoy headed by Astaroth led them to the outskirts of the city but not before an evening filled with a bird of paradise turkey dinner as the sounds of The Fang crunched all around them. With full bellies Astaroth told them a tale. He spoke of the ancient primordial vs. god war known as the Dawn War. Galvin is believed to be connected to an ancient and powerful primordial through a ancient pact.

A bureaucratic order of Monks devoted to both Bahamut and Tiamat separated into two sects. Different portions of the sect vying allegiance to different deities have recently initiated strife between each other. They both were at one time seeking out Galvin. The Sealers: who know the ritual to seal away the dragonborn offering that also ties into keeping the primordial subdued. And the Keepers: responsible for keeping the dragonborn offering within the confines of his “home.” Kraven the dragonborn ranger who provided them rescue and solace is a member of the Keeper order as is Orion the monk who was constantly pursuing Galvin in Loudwater and Waterdeep and turned on a group of Sealers to aid the party before the ventured deep into the heart of Galvin’s mountain home.

The rest and food were welcome as was the sight of a city the next morning. On the way the group had to cross salt flats where pits were disguised over with thin salt layers. Beneath the sand a massive tentacled beast or beasts slithered about and attempted to drag the group to their doom to no avail. The group finally made it to the cities walls and past the walled gate guards. They hit up the first tavern they could – Guidileone’s Food and Foam. Inside the group ordered many plates of food and even managed to be upgraded in seating to the mezzanine level of seats. Here a local group challenged their right to the groups table but walked away in honor after Kamina and Galvin brazenly defused the situation verbally.

They thought trouble was far behind them but another group…;this one a dirty pirate band from the dock area of town had come up to the classier tazern where they were clearly out of place. They seemed to welcome this as the lived up to the moniker “pirate” by being rude, crude and giving attitude. One pirate group harassed Amber who tried her best to avoid a confrontation but when the group finally had enough many pirate were rendered laid out, subdued or worse…

The captain, Blackscale bartered his way into a hasty retreat promising the group free passage on his sailing vessel towards Faerun. Since this appears to be the groups current goal they agreed. they were upset the next day to find out that the pirates had set sail without them but did learn that there were salt shipments that regularly went to Waterdeep. There was also rumor of flying airships from not only the dock workers but Guidileone himself.

On their way back the the inn they observed many a noble and peasant leading livestock and chest weighed with gems, coins and jewels towards a rather large estate. They followed the procession and learned that the Dragon Queen…the green Duchess herself was in town and was accepting homage. This is considered a privilege here and not getting eaten is considered good. Representatives of the towns ruler were seen buying the livestock up that was not needed so the people who brought it could offer something. It was overheard that the green Duchess was in a fowl mood and had already eaten three nobles. Apparently one of her sons was recently slain up north of The Fang….

Upon hearing this news the gang scrambled away from the scene nonchalantly as they saw dragons inside milling about that may or may not have been the ones poking around the dragon den when the group went back for treasure.

Raising the Dead

As Galvin prepared for the ritual through the night the rest of the party took a much needed rest. In the morning Kamina was roused earlier than expected by Kraven. The dragon slayer told Kamina to wake Amber and meet him at the entrance to the cavern as soon as possible. Kamina obliged the ranger as he collected his equipment and companion and headed for daylight. The trickle of water met him and the shaman as they exited the cave, their eyes adjusting to the morning light.

The area outside the cavern was swarming with Su life! The party recognized the same fierce-some creatures they faced the previous day on the jungle path. Su Ambusher’s, the quick ones that can drag a man away in a heartbeat were joined by their larger Su Sentinel brethren. The Sentinel’s started to beat their chest in holler in an intimidating manner. Kamina charged right out into the middle of the clearing eager to try out his new axe! Kamina mocked the Su beasts rage with his own call to the wild! Then the entire group of Su’s raged as their Alpha leader appeared on a rock above the three of them on the rocky outcropping. The Alpha let out a beastly howl!

Battle ensued and proved to be way more of a challenge than the three had initially anticipated. Amber was practically drug off to her demise before rallying and heading back towards the clearing. One Su Ambusher charged into the cave only to bet met with a hand of radiance from LoVe! Kraven was no match for Kamina’s prowess in battle outside, as the two allies savaged the Su threat, until the very end when the dragon slayer came alive with vicious strikes. The two managed to dispatch the Alpha after quite the battle. With the beasts leader destroyed the group should not have to worry about any additional Su attacks…at least for a good while. Battered and bloody the three heroes retired into the cave to watch over LoVe as he performed the ritual.

Everything was going spectacular with the ritual as LoVe basked in the glow of Bahamut’s healing powers. Without warning the very fabric of LoVe’s reality ripped apart! A great fiery hand made of granite beneath which pulsated infernous magma reached out and snatched LoVe from his dedicated ritual! Bahamut interjected his ancient holy symbol, the polestar to protect LoVe and Galvin from this sudden assault. LoVe found himself in a stellar haze of torture and torment…some form of limbo where the damned go to be judged! LoVe had to navigate floating semi-opaque, milky stones…one by one or suffer a fate worth than death! The dwarf used his insight to determine his route. However, he unknowingly lept upon an uncertain stone and found himself sinking into it! He managed to get out of this sudden doom only to be cast back to where he started!

Now LoVe was foolishly hastened, he went through the challenge with reckless abandon! He made more mistakes, having to inevitably start over until he finally managed to make it to Galvin’s body…but not before experiencing the sensation of dying by drowning and having to literally fight off a shadow of death who tried to claim his soul! When the invoker finally reached Galvin the scene became bleakThe area was now dimly lit…with a slight fog filled ground. There were no discernible boundaries to height or width here on this plane. Galvin the dragonborn simply blinked his eyes open as LoVe layed his hands upon his ward. As this happened a great quake was felt and a fissure opened in the ground! Deep within the crevasse boiled lava and magma…there also appeared to be a great form swimming in the molten sea!

Immense heat filled the area as a great clawed hand with black spire like claws reached up to grab Galvin! Suddenly the apparition of the dragonborn that Galvin met in his sleepwalk like state deep within the Greypeak Mountains appeared before him and LoVe. This spirit looked oddly familiar to Galvin and he recognized it as the one who blessed the party with a collection of dragonborn items. This dragonborn spirit tried to protect Galvin by flinging a protective platinum barrier over the crevasse but not before an eruption of lava shot forth and breached the barrier before it solidified! This mass formed a vicious Volcanic dragon wyrmling. The form assaulted the party but they managed to defeat it. As they did so, the apparition told Galvin to truly ‘rise my son’ with the defeat of the primordial intrusion. by nearly sacrificing himself for his friend and not giving up LoVe had truly completed his ritual. LoVe ushered forth Galvin back into the realm of the living as Kamina and Amber waited for the dwarf to snap out of whatever writhing state he was in with baited breath. As Galvin arose and LoVe recovering from the cosmic assault The Krusaders were now truly reunited.

Later in the day, after the retelling of tales Kamina suggested that when the gold dragons arrived to graciously transport them of Marrauk, that they make a small detour back to the den of the vicious green dragon. The same dragon that Kamina managed to slay with a deaf defying leap off the mountain face. So as Kamina suggested the group made their way back up to the mountain with the hope of weighing down their packs with dragon treasure!

Dealing with the Dragon

Kraven, a Dragonborn Scout made the save by interjecting himself between LoVe and the dragon’s breath. A large gold dragon also, from the cave, emerged and shot a knowing look at the green dragon. The green wyrm fled the scene, but not before Kraven called him back and told him about Kamina back on the mountain.

Kamina decided to try to climb down the sheer mountain face. Navigating the precarious path proved perilous. By the time Kamina got going he spied the dragon coming back up to his cave system. The dragon spied Kamina on the mountain face and though easy picking! This proved to be the last bad decision the dragon made as Kamina lept back off the mountain face in a full gainer! In the flipping motion the fighter unsheathed his massive glaive and prepared to Kain the Dragoon the green menace!! The dragon bit at Kamina but the leader of the Krusaders landed his death blow true. His polearm ripped through the dragons neck muscle and as the wyrm tried fruitlessly to snap up Kamina in his jaws the fighter whirled around and finished the dragon off with another vicious blow to the neck! As he did this his magical glaive splintered as it burst into pieces!

’Tis I slayed the dragon!

The gold dragon showed up in time to witness the fine display of killing and ushered a cautious Kamina onto his massive back as the two flew off to rendezvous with the party.

Within the mountain Amber, LoVe and Kraven made their way with Galvin’s body towards the jungle below. After some time the four emerged not quite on ground level but low enough that jungle was waiting for them once they stepped out into daylight. Here Kraven told the adventurer’s to have their weapons ready. The group was assaulted by a group of savage baboon like creatures with toothy maws and blood red hands, feet and claws. The group managed to take these beasts down but Kraven mentioned that these were not even the nasty ones – The Alpha’s. The group finally made it to a small clearing where a beautiful and quiet water fall bubbled over the edge of a rocky outcropping. Behind the waterfall…ducking low the group made their way into abandoned jungle ruins. Within the architecture resembled some form of nature temple. Here a spot was prepared for Galvin to start the eight hour ritual to bring Galvin back from the dead.

In the meantime Kraven has asked the returning Kamina to help him with the Su Alpha problem around the area. We can’t have those nasty buggers interrupting the ritual now can we…? Kraven has not voiced his affiliation although he has not really been pressed. A party member notices a familiar medallion hanging from Kraven’s neck but he tucked it away before they could get a good glance at it.

Activating the Portal

Leaving the Dwarven King’s long abandoned chambers the four navigated a couple traps, which Kamina both sprung, before emerging back into the throne room. Kamina stuckhis head back up to see if the madness gas had dispersed. It was low lying and he breathed in a good breath of it before declaring the are safe! Here the portcullis was still down and as the four entered the room countless shards of broken mirror on the ground started to reform into the two Mirror Golems that the party had defeated once before. The four battled them once again, dispersing them only to have them attempt to reform once again. The four decided to reactivate the four pillar switches allowing the madness gas to enter the room, blasting Kamina in the face. But the portcullis finally raised allowing the party to escape back into the central portal room.

The adventurers activated the portal and entered it, not knowing where they may end up. As their eyes adjusted to the dimly lit scene they realized they were still underground! The four were on a raised platform, twenty-five feet up with five foot semi-circular stairs leading down it on one side. Piles and piles of coins, gems, potions, and the like were scattered around – a hoard of treasure! Massive pillars flanked them and the portal as well as a slumbering green dragon!!! The dragon began to rouse as the four scattered. The adventurers tried their best to gain an early advantage but the dragon flew into holes in the ceiling playing cat and mouse with the party.

When it became evident that the party was indeed a real threat the dragon turned his game up a notch. During the battle a Kobold Shaman aided the dragon and the Shaman in turn was aided by his Kobold allies. The battle was long and strenuous, dividing the party and taking them away from their initial sound game plan. The dragon, fairly injured by this point was pleaded to by Amber-Lynn Treefang. She claimed that Galvin was important to his kind. The dragon seemed to already be privy to this knowledge and sneered back at her, perhaps not believing her. After all, a portal dead for decades tells little tales. The vicious dragon continued to ravage the party, disappearing through holes in the ceiling whenever the party got too threatening.

As the dragon and the party came closer and closer to death the dragon seemed to turn his attention toward this Dragonborn that Amber mentioned as being “important”. The dragon managed to render the Dragonborn unconscious for later inspection and as Galvin fought for his life so did the other party members. In the end Galvin slipped away…his life force fading from him. With his ward dead, LoVe became distraught, feeling he had failed Galvin. The dragon, also on death’s door was faced with a precarious situation. Fight to the death, and allow these inferior beings access to his treasure and den…or a parleyed ruse. The dragon managed to convince the party to let him flee with Galvin. Although the dragon claimed to know of Galvin’s “importance” this still did not stop him from killing him eluding to the fact that dragon may not have known Galvin’s significance. Using this knowledge the dragon convinced the party to let him flee with Galvin to “save him.”

The hollow promise was bought by the entire party. The dragon allowed only one other to come with him. LoVe insisted that Kamina go and Kamina agreed. However at the last minute Kamina shoved LoVe into the dragon’s grasp and the green menace took off into the world above. The sky was an intense silvery hued vaulting arch through which many colors swam back and forth…especially in ares of inclement weather. This Steelsky was welcoming but also hauntingly unfamiliar to the four. Kamina and Amber made their way up and out to the mountain top where the shaman transformed into a bird to follow the dragon. The great winged mennace took off towards a town at the base of the mountain. Kamina was forced to watch alone as the dragon swerved away from the town disappearing back into the mountain!

With Amber on the trail, Kamina alone and Galvin deceased LoVe was assaulted with a distinct feeling from within that this dragon was not to be trusted. Something was amiss as the Dragon swooped into a cave, dropping Galvin on the ground haphazardly. As Galvin’s body hit the ground a notable tremor shook the entire mountain! Amber flew up to the cave’s mouth just in time to see the dragon cast LoVe to the side, inhale suddenly and unleas his poisonous breath weapon on the unfortunate dwarf.

The Gathering of Emblems

The four made their way back to the Dwarven stronghold. Here they sought out the sunken in ooze room. Kamina placed the gem on the dias and a beam of light emerged from the ceiling. The dias slid over revealing a rope ladder and unworked cavern/tunnel leading down. Kamina made his way down into the cramped crawl space and found a chest containing the emblem of earth. Galvin made a mighty leap to get out of the room and the four made their way to the throne room.

Here the four fought two mirror golems after activating four pillars. The pillars simultaneously opened up a way forward while barring escape via portcullis. A maddening gas entered the room causing the four to hold their breath. The four defeated the mirror golems and made their way down the throne, which pushed away into an alcove behind it revealing a worked path down.

Below the throne room a small labyrinth of trap filled hallways gave way to a plush bedroom obviously designed for a King. This bedroom had one entryway and one exit. Through the exit the four found a mirror showcasing lewd acts that transfixed mainly Galvin and Kamina. Two stone dwarven golems activated and the party also dispatched them before shattering the mirror. Behind the mirror was a lowered portcullis that the four raised. Beyond they made their way to a treasure room, loading their pack with gems and the final emblem – the emblem of wind.

The four, worse for ware, collapsed in the Dwarven king’s chamber’s for a well earned rest. With the four emblems in hand the four are prepared to reactivate a portal to an unknown destination.

Underground Secrets

Within the ancient underground structure believed to be an ancient Dwarven stronghold converted into a Dragonborn outpost Kamina found information on a portal fail-safe method. Apparently there is a way to reactivate the portal for a brief time, in case something bad happened to the portal (Spellplague). Kamina dropped his doodling charcoal and upon picking it up from the ground of the library on watch he discovered a small access panel on the table leg closest to him. A note in the bottom of a table leg contained the fail-safe information and a broken piece of an emblem – the emblem of water. Apparently there are four emblems that when assembled allow the portal to open for a brief time. It is still not apparent where the portal goes though…

With clues garnered from the note the four made their way to sub-level one of the Dwarven stronghold. Here they encountered a ruined hallway leading off to cave in’s and a couple abandoned bedrooms. Whatever geological event collapsed many portions of this structure entwined natural caverns with the architecture of the dwarven stronghold. Following the mix and match path the group came across a curious sight. A massive wall of protection magic which Kamina strolled through casually. Ariving on the otherside in one piece the rest of the party followed. They made their way further into the mountain, over a raging water ravine that descended into blackness. Once across the chasm the group came across ruined Dwarven training facility. A broken bridge path dotted it’s way across a sunken in room filled with black ooze! Towards the rear of the room stood a pedestal that looked like it once held a gem of some considerable size. An item known as the Eye of Pelor was said to be stolen along with one of the four emblems. The apparent thief was a Dragonborn named Beltharus. Using clues from old diary entries the four traveled back towards Galvinhome…hot on the last known trail of the emblem thief.

The mad Dragonborn’s remains were finally located approximately nine hours away from the Dwarven structure that held the dead portal. The group traveled back and past the area where the party faced a Black Pudding and Cloaker combination. With lantern oil dwindling the party pressed on. The cavern steadily became slimmer and lower in height. The party eventually came to a cavern which became disturbingly narrow, forcing the party to potentially squeeze through narrow openings. They obliged the situation, scraping their bodies with minor abrasions through the sharp rocky openings. Amber scouted ahead as a bat using sonar to get a feel for the area. Something was inhibiting her movement however so she turned back. The rest of the party followed her advice and proceeded cautiously.

A stepped cavern revealed itself in the cavern beyond. The cavern appeared to be filled with webs and a nest of hungry spiders, with one rather perturbed mama spider. A webbed Dragonborn was cocooned at the top of the steps with other decaying creatures near it. After a heated battle the party recovered the Eye of Pelor and the fire emblem from the dead Dragonborn. The party camped at the water area where they fought the Cloaker and Black Pudding, simply exhausted from the long travel time. Hopefully during the night (or day as time has becomes skewed underground) nothing attempts to kill them…

Through the Mountain

After spending some time within Galvin’s tomb, the four adventurers decided to explore the mountain via the hidden passage they discovered. The group gathered up lantern’s, oil and torch’s. The four foraged for whatever food they could carry with them and placed it in Galvin’s newly found bag of holding. The group traveled for almost twenty four hours before discovering a water source. Near the source was a freshly killed drake. The drake was being fed off by a large black pudding. Smaller oozes were also around and as the party engaged the oozes a cloaker descended upon the party from high above. The four adventurers dispatched these threats and camped here for the evening.

Galvin was assaulted by rough dream where ghostly apparitions of dragonborn appeared to him chanting “sinf of the father – sons of the past!” The next day the four traveled for eight hours before stumbling upon a ruined temple of some sort that was long forgotten. From the pillars outside this structure emerged four ghostly dragonborn that engaged the party. Other apparitions were seen by Galvin of various colors…black, white, red, blue and green. The four that attacked the party were blue and green, two of each. When only one was left the apparition entered Galvin’s body and the dragonborn stumbled down the temple steps, collapsing a their base.

Galvin had a vision depicting a mammoth dragon like figure, but different in a way, slaying massive amounts of dragons. Batting them out of the sky and crushing them on the ground. A dragonly figure is shown, lesser in appearance certainly than the mammoth dragon like figure but still impressive. Standing next the dragon is a dragonborn, dressed simply. The mammoth figure is shown again, he appears to scream in rage as he is sucked down into a mountain. As this happens the lesser dragon figure turns his back on the dragonborn and the dragonborn appears saddened. The dragonborn begins to bleed as he is ushered away into a tomb, locked away and forgotten. The blood that seeped from the dragonborn gave off an aura of importance, and Galvin was well aware of this.

After Galvin recovered the four explored the temple like structure and found an old dead portal. They also found a library a floor below them and here they camped and researched this structure. Gaining clues in regards to Galvin’s past.


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